Wednesday, May 9, 2007

May Day Weight Loss Challenge

It seems a number of bloggers are getting together to form the May Day Weight Loss Challenge, designed to motivate people to lose weight.

Okay, I'm in. As of today I weigh 249.8 lbs.

Although I talked about some of my goals and motivations in my first and second posts, I'll reiterate for the sake of the challenge:

  • How much weight I want to lose - It depends on "who" (meaning which computer program or weight estimator) you ask. At the moment, my goal is to lose 127 pounds. Another calculator thinks I should lose another 25 for a total of 152 pounds.

  • My weight history - During my teens, I was fine, but my mother told me I was fat, during my 20's I lost and gained, but wasn't any worse than chubby, during my 30's I started to get fat, and by my 40's I was obese. My lowest weight was probably around 110 (in college) and my highest is anybody's guess. I stopped weighing myself at one point. My weight starting this particular diet was 257, but it could have spiked higher than that at some point.

  • What other goals I have have for this challenge - Eat healthier overall.

  • My weaknesses - I hate dieting.

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Denise said...

Praying for you to be very successful.