Sunday, May 20, 2007

Q & A

Shannon has asked quite a few questions recently that I think deserve answering in the blog (as opposed to a private e-mail) since I'm sure others will ask the same questions. So here are her questions, asked and answered, for all to see:

Q: What kind of scale do you have? It sounds like that thing should be bringing you breakfast in bed!!

A: I'm using the Homedics Health Station 560. Using electrical impedence, the scale calculates your weight, amount of body water, lean muscle mass, bone mass and body fat. I use the National Institute of Health's Body Mass Index calculator to figure out my current BMI. The scale seems pretty accurate, and usually doesn't give fluctuating readings if you step on the scale 72 times in a row like most digital scales do. It has a maximum capacity of 350 lbs.

Q: Where did you get your caloric intake number?

A: Based on the research I've done, 1,200 calories is the lowest number of calories one can consume on an ongoing basis and still be safe. Given my past weight loss experiences, I know that unless I go to the low end of the calorie ranges, I won't lose an ounce and I'll just frustrate myself. I'm hoping to lose somewhere between 10-30 pounds relatively quickly, and then I may look at upping my calories a bit more, especially as I get into better shape. Right now, when my percentage of body fat is hovering near 50%, there's just not much lean muscle to burn calories.

Q: What kind/type of exercise(s) are you doing?

A: Right now I don't have an organized program. Some days I walk, some days I climb up and down stairs at a nearby office building, and some days I don't do a damn thing. Truth be told, I hate exercising. Yeah, I know it's good for me, yeah I know it will preserve my lean body mass, yeah, yeah, yeah. I still hate it. Even the two times when I was in the best shape of my life (sophomore year in high school when I was on the swim team and college when I was swimming several days a week and running several times a week) I still hated it. Every stroke I swam, and every step I ran, I literally counted the minutes until I was done. People always say, "don't you feel better when you exercise?" My answer has always been a resounding "no."

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