Monday, May 14, 2007

Clothing Excitement

Occasionally, I peruse online weight-loss support groups, and I've noticed a common thread: people getting excited about shopping for new clothes.

I can't imagine finding shopping exciting, especially if it's for clothes.

I hate clothes shopping with a passion. Nothing ever fits. If it fits my butt, it's too big at the waist, and too long in the legs. If it's the right length, then it doesn't fit anywhere else. I have the same problem with shirts. If it fits in the shoulders, it doesn't fit elsewhere.

Mostly, I live in sweats and t-shirts. I've lived in sweats and t-shirts for the past 15 years, and most of my current clothing is nearly that old. I have a few t-shirts that are still in decent shape that date back to just after college. I'll wear stuff until it's stained and full of holes, simply because I hate going to the store to buy new. Even when I'm buying sweats and t-shirts, which I know will fit, I absolutely hate going to the store to buy them.

I'd almost rather die than shop.

I'll be interested to see if this viewpoint changes. The only time I remember enjoying clothing shopping was when I was at my absolute skinniest, while I was in college. My mother bought me a whole new wardrobe. But, even then it was frustrating, as I still had a hard time finding anything in my size.

I wonder if things will be different if I lose all the weight this time.

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