Thursday, May 3, 2007


Yesterday, I thought would be a good day in terms of weight loss. Family members came over, and we spent the entire day planting a vegetable garden. We dug up the yard, I made what seemed like an infinite number of trips to local home improvement stores to buy bricks, compost, seeds, plants, etc. By the end of the day, I was tired. My feet hurt from walking what seemed like miles around the home improvement shops and my arms and back were sore from hauling bags of manure and shoveling.

I spent the entire day ravenous, almost to the point of wanting to cry, from all the physical exertion. Despite feeling hungry all day, I really made an effort to keep my portion sizes under control.

For breakfast, I had one serving of high-fiber cereal and a half cup of skim milk. For lunch, I had two servings of pasta salad and nothing else. For dinner, I had two trips through the salad bar (skipping altogether, or using tiny amounts of, high-fat foods like cheese and olives), and only half of an individual-sized personal pizza with cheese and mushrooms.

I went to bed hungry. Although I ate more than I have on any other day of my diet so far, I only consumed a total of 1,550 calories. Despite all the physical activity, I gained a pound and a half overnight.


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