Thursday, May 31, 2007

Subjective vs. Objective

The Kid knows we are dieting. Being a mostly good kid, she tries to be encouraging, but sometimes it's damned annoying.

"Oinkstop!" she'll exclaim, "You are definitely losing weight."

She's been saying this for over a month. She even said it before we were dieting. She's just saying it to be nice. She's definitely the master of telling stories constructed of bullpucky when needed, so I think she's just trying to butter me up for something. Maybe it's because she wants a new iPod for her birthday that's coming up in five months...

I wish she'd shut up. Other than my one friend noticing, I don't think I've lost enough weight to really make much of a difference. I'll agree that 12 pounds is nothing to scoff at, but given how fat enormous overweight obese I am, losing that amount just isn't going to be visible. My clothes aren't noticeably looser, and that's really the acid test for me.

I suspect that it will be quite some time before my clothes are too large to wear. Since I work from home, my "uniform" consists of sweat pants and a t-shirt. Even when I was thin, I bought large and extra-large shirts, so I won't have to replace anything. Sweatpants are pretty forgiving -- when you shrink, you just give the drawstring a tug and suddenly what's old is new again.

I'm not going to listen to the subjective comments about my weight loss from friends, family or The Kid. Instead, I'm going to look for objective measurements, like the numbers on the scale or the fit of my clothes.

Until my underwear starts falling off on its own, I'll be stuck in the "Not Really" stage of my diet.

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