Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weird Craving

A few days ago, we harvested a handful of radishes from our garden. Radishes are fast-growing, and usually can be harvested fairly quickly. The ones we picked were small, but definitely hot. Had we waited until they were large, they would have been unbearable.

Since my first taste of them, I've been craving more. Today, I couldn't stand it any longer and pulled almost all the rest from the ground. They were tiny -- even smaller than the ones we harvested a few days ago -- and some hadn't even turned completely red. I ripped them all from the ground, washed them off, and shared them with my SO.

They were delicious, and now they are almost all gone. If I'm lucky, I've got another half dozen out there in the yard, waiting to be taken.

I'm craving radishes, but not the ones from the store. I'm craving my tiny and tender morsels. I planted more; too bad I'll have to wait another month before I can harvest those.

I'm craving vegetables right now, which is a good thing. When my SO asked me what I wanted for dinner, I answered "vegetables." We ended up having baked potatoes with broccoli and cheese. We prepared them with no added fat, and a very limited amount of cheese, so they were actually pretty healthy. The little bit of cheese was just enough flavor to prevent me from drowning my potato in butter like usual.

After dinner I was stuffed, but now I'm starting to get hungry again, which is a good sign. As I've blogged about before, I seem to lose weight best when I go to bed hungry.

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Lady T said...

man......i wish i was "craving" vegetables.....

that's encouraging.....i'm thinking that means you are well on your way to retraining your palate! kudos to you!