Wednesday, May 9, 2007

More Reasons to Lose Weight

This post probably falls squarely into the TMI (Too Much Information) and way gross category, so skip post this if you don't want to read some gory and personal details.

Here are some more reasons why I need to lose weight:
  1. My butt doesn't fit comfortably into those ubiquitous plastic stackable patio chairs.
  2. I can't see my feet if I stand up straight.
  3. My stomach hangs over my pubic area, and I have to lift it up to wash underneath.
  4. I'm so fat that I get a cramp in my back when I twist around to wipe after a bowel movement.
  5. When I wave my arms, the fat jiggles around so much that it looks like I have wings.
But another, probably more important, reason:

I sometimes volunteer at a convalescent care center. I'm friendly with a woman who is extremely large and is physically disabled because of her weight. She has breathing problems, diabetes, edema (swelling) of her legs, she's going blind due her uncontrolled diabetes, and has problems walking and uses a wheelchair. I love this woman for her wonderful personality and the friendship she's given me. I also fear her. She is what I might become if I don't do something about my own weight. She's only 65 years old, but has to live in a convalescent care center because she's too disabled to care for herself because she is so obese.

I could be her in another 20 years.

If I don't do something about my weight now, I'm going to end up looking like Jabba the Hutt, confined to my bed, dependent on others for the basic necessities.

No way.

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