Monday, May 14, 2007

Spend Wisely

I've blogged about this before. When you're on a diet, calories become a precious resource, and it's a great let-down to eat something that, although meeting your need for food, just doesn't cut it in terms of flavor, texture, or generalized yumminess.

Today's lunch was a bit of a disappointment. I had Schwan's Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice. It's a low-fat entree, and in all honestly it's pretty good-tasting. At 240 calories a serving, it's certainly a reasonable meal choice if you don't have time to cook. We used to eat this stuff all the time, and we really enjoyed it.

But now that calories are such a scarce resource, I don't want to eat food that's just okay. I don't even want to eat food that I'd consider "pretty good." I only want to eat food that's downright excellent. I hate to say it, but this mean just doesn't compare to the real Sweet and Sour Chicken I can buy at my favorit Asian restaurant.

If I wasn't dieting, I would have been quite happy with my lunch.

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