Monday, November 15, 2010

Back to Where I Left Off

Over the summer, I was diagnosed as having a thyroid problem. I started taking thyroid medication, and in what seemed like an instant, I dropped about 20 pounds. I was super motivated, I was back on the diet and exercise bandwagon, and the weight seemed like it was falling off.

And then, just as quickly as it started, the weight loss stopped. I've been stuck on a plateau for about two months that just wouldn't seem to break. I tried reducing my calories, increasing my calories, doing more exercise, doing less exercise, but nothing seemed to help.

Then, just as mysteriously as it started, the plateau broke, and I'm losing weight again.

At the end of October, I completed Couch to 5K. I wasn't sure that I'd be able to finish, but I did, and now I'm working on the Ease into 10K program. Although there is a Bridge to 10K program designed for folks who completed Couch to 5K, I decided to go with the longer 10K program, simply because my running speeds are so slow I figured working on shorter runs and doing them at faster speeds might help.

On Saturday, I ran for about 34 minutes. I covered just under two miles, and my average speed was 17:50/mile. Slow. The first mile I ran 17:01, which was quite a bit better, but I just started to get tired and slowed way down.

I'm still working at it. The longest run I've made was 37 minutes at an average speed of 17:43. Hopefully, I will speed up at some point.

I had originally thought that I might be able to hit a 10-minute mile before the end of the year. Now, I'm simply hoping that I'll be able to make a 15-minute mile by then.

As for my weight, I was happy to see 224.4 show up on the scale this morning. That's the lowest I've been since April 2009. Once again, I am within a stone's throw of being merely obese instead of morbidly obese.

So now, I am back to where I left off of my diet, more than a year and a half ago. I hope I will be able to stick things out this time.