Saturday, May 26, 2007

Weekend Challenge #1 - Unplanned Dinner Out

Now I'm convinced that this is going to be a tough weekend. Last night, we'd planned to have a quiet dinner of rabbit food at home, because we had a semi-big lunch of bean burritos and rice. Instead, our soon-to-be-deployed friend asked us out for dinner.

I love eating out, but it's so dangerous, especially when it's one of my favorites -- Mexican food.

I ended up having three chicken soft tacos in corn tortillas, but I said no to the cheese, guacamole, sour cream, rice and beans. I had only a few chips (it was so hard not to eat the entire basket) and drank water.

Although I enjoyed what I ate, I have to admit I felt terribly deprived. I lied and said I wasn't hungry because I'd had a huge lunch. In all honesty, I was starving, and I kept imagining myself taking a head-first dive into the bowl of chips and salsa. It was hard to sit there watching everyone eat their three-item combination dinners with rice, beans, chips and the works, while I nibbled at my tiny tacos, and tried to distract myself with conversation.

When I got home, I really thought I'd blown it, even though I'd tried hard to be good. I guess I passed the test, though, because my weight was down 0.4 pounds from yesterday morning. Only three more days of feeding frenzy to survive. I hope I make it.

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