Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Too Cold to Exercise

Okay, so I'll admit it. I'm a wimp when it comes to cool weather. Although I was born and raised in the town I live in, I spent two years in the tropics and I've never been the same since. If it's not at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I'm not a happy person. If it's below 65, I'm uncomfortable. Anything below that, and there's no way I'm going outside for a walk, especially if it's windy.

This evening, it was 52 degrees, overcast and breezy. I probably had a little too much to eat this evening, because there was a potluck at my kid's school. I didn't eat a raft of food, but I did go back for seconds and had a cookie. (That's one cookie, not an entire box full) I walked out of there feeling full, but not stuffed. Even so, I figured I'd better get some exercise in, since I really didn't do a good job of counting calories at the potluck.

What to do? It was too cold to walk around outside.

We live not too far from one of the big chain home improvement stores. It turns out they are open late in the evenings, so I drove the six blocks to avoid the icy wind and marched my butt into the store.

Ahh, it was nice and warm inside, and no wind.

I walked through the entire store, down one aisle, and up the other for a good 35 minutes. I walked briskly, but not so briskly that it was completely obvious I was there exercising and not shopping. (Of course it was kind of obvious I wasn't shopping, since I was wearing sweats, didn't have any money with me, and my partner and kid were in tow.)

I got a surprisingly good workout considering I wasn't trying very hard. I had no idea that particular store was so big.

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Shannon said...

Hi! A friend of mine stumbled on your blog and emailed it to me because I also am on a mission to lose weight! I COMPLETELY feel your woes and understand everything you have said on your blog. I read it in its entirety this evening. I think you deserve a HUGE pat on the back for beginning this process. So I have been told, it will be the hardest thing I’ve ever done, however, the rewards will be significant both mentally and physically. On a side note, please know you are not the only one with a messed up family :-) Just know that YOU are the most important thing to YOU and that’s all that matters. Though I know it hurts when they make rude or sarcastic comments (or even looks) in the end, it doesn’t matter because YOU control YOU….not THEM.
I support your endeavor! Here’s another blog I enjoy reading that you might like. She has lost an insane amount of weight ONE POUND AT A TIME…just like we have to do!

And good for you for going walking at the improvement store!