Thursday, June 14, 2007

What Will Done Look Like?

Maybe, when I'm feeling a little bolder, I'll actually post real pictures of myself on my blog. At the moment, I'm a little reluctant to do so, because putting my real name and face online can be a little risky.

The old motto goes: be careful what you blog, your boss might someday find out.

Will my weight loss journey offend my current boss? Probably not. I suspect he'd laugh, especially if he read Here Kitty Kitty Kittty... or Asymmetrical Shrinking. Would it put off future employers? Possibly.

So for now, I think I'm going to hold back on real pictures. For now, I'll use virtual examples, courtesy of My Virtual Model:

Here's the virtual model of what I looked like when I started my diet at 257 lbs.

Pretty frightening, huh? The worst part of looking at this picture is realizing that this virtual model is substantially more flattering than the way I appear in real life. In real life, everything is a lot less perky, my chest is relatively small and my butt is huge. I'm the person you see in the grocery store and think, OMG, does that woman's ass go on forever or what?

And here's an approximation of what I look like now, at 241 lbs. See why I'm complaining? It's almost impossible to tell that I've lost any weight at all. No wonder my clothes don't fit any better. Looking at these pictures, I'm shocked my one friend noticed.

The other problem with this model is that it isn't capable of showing that my left boob is now noticeably scarily smaller than my right.

And here's what I might look like when I've finished and weigh 118 lbs. That weight would put me solidly in the middle of the weight range for a healthy BMI.

At the moment, this image feels like an awful lot of wishful thinking. With 123 lbs to go, arriving at my destination seems so incredibly far off.

Even if I do make it, there's one thing that bothers me...

Even at 118 lbs, my butt is still going to look fat!

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Lady T said...

G-d, these virtual models make a bus look good, dont they? heck if i looked that tone and firm at my current weight, i am not sooo certain i would be bothering so much (uh..well, there is the subject of my health..but i doubt i would be so "gung-ho")

i may check out the virtual model for myself....i haven't done that in years........i am holding out on my pics....primarily bc i am sooo ashamed of my back fat....want to make a noticeable change in my body before i throw it all up for the world wide web to see.