Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100th Post: Rant of the Day

It's hard to believe, but this is my 100th post since I started this blog on April 25. I'm a little surprised that in just two months I've managed to compose so many entries.

It makes me wish losing weight was as easy as writing blog posts. If it were, I'd be almost finished!

But of course life isn't that easy.

In honor of my 100th post, I thought I'd share a weight-related rant.

Despite my recent battles with the scale, I have lost weight. That's a good thing, right?

Well, sort of.

It seems that as my behind has grown infinitesimally smaller, I've lost fat in exactly the wrong place. In the "olden days" before my diet, I could sit at my computer indefinitely. Now that my ass pad is thinner, I get a sore tush if I sit at the computer too long. My problem is that I'm still hugely overweight, but my fanny has shrunk enough to where it doesn't provide enough cushion for the rest of my body.

This especially sucks because my job requires me to sit in front of a computer all day.

This is so wrong. Losing weight should not mean that I have to put up with a sore derrière at work. What am I supposed to do? Call in sick? Buy one of those insane treadmill desks?

Bummer. (literally!)


Mich said...

I would be so happy if my ass was shrinking! I always lose weight first in my boobs...because as a B cup I have so much to lose. Maybe a pillow will help??! And holy cow, the treadmill desk?? Totally insane!!

FatBlokeThin said...

Choice 1 - sit on your head (no offence intended..)lol.

Choice 2 - buy a cushion

Choice 3 - wear fancy padded cycling shorts (maybe not...)

Choice 4 - move to somewhere with zero gravity....

Does this help???