Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Unintentionally Blowing It

Even when I'm not dieting, Starbucks isn't exactly my favorite place to get breakfast. I mean they are okay, and on a corporate level they try to be decent world citizens, but the truth is I'm never going to be a big fan because I just don't like coffee. I can get orange juice and a muffin anywhere, and frankly I'd rather get one from a local coffee house just because the ambiance is better.

The SO had a dentist appointment involving major work this morning, and since we weren't sure that eating would be possible after all the drilling, capping and other associated grinding was done, we decided to go out for breakfast. The SO picked Starbucks.

I selected a small muffin and a large orange juice. I knew I was getting about 220 calories from the juice, but I figured a small muffin wouldn't be so bad. Wrong. When I got home, I checked and found out that innocent-looking blueberry muffin was actually pretty evil. It had a surprising 380 calories in it.


I wasted half my calories for the day on breakfast without realizing it, and the muffin wasn't very good. It tasted okay, but was slightly on the stale side. I would have done better had we gone to the local donut shop. Or better yet, I should have had ice cream for breakfast.

Oh well, at least the orange juice was tasty.

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