Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Scale, Meet Butt

I officially hate my SO.

Last night, it became apparently obvious that my SO's pants were too big. They weren't just too big, they were way too big. We had to make an emergency run to the local discount store to buy a pair of pants and some underwear.

I hate my SO who has lost nearly 20 lbs and who was forced to buy new clothing. I have lost 13, and have yet to see any difference in the way my clothes fit. Last night, while we were making the emergency clothing run, I decided to buy myself some underwear. I bought them a size smaller than usual. They don't really fit. Sure, I could wear them, but I'd have those ugly red lines around my thighs and waist where the elastic would rub and pinch all day.

Mr. Scale, let me introduce you to my butt. Although you claim, Mr. Scale, that I have lost 5% of my original body weight, I have yet to see any evidence of it. My clothes aren't any looser, and smaller-sized clothing that used to fit is still completely unwearable.

Why are you lying to me, Mr. Scale? Why are you lying?

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