Tuesday, June 19, 2007

He Loves Me...

Well I'm feeling like I'm pretty darn cool this afternoon because I just got some serious bloggy love. FatBlokeThin just left me the following comment:
I love your blog (I even ripped off your stangly coloured weight thingy I loved it so much!). Forgive me??

In an unreal word, reality scores points with me - give it to us warts and all - we can take it!!
He loves my blog. Not only does he love my blog, he even ripped off (and gave credit for) my milestones marker.

Boy, do I feel special! So special, in fact, that I added FatBlokeThin to my blogroll.

Singing: I'm special, I'm special...Woo! I'm special!

1 comment:

Lady T said...

of course you're loved...where would we be without your naughty wit???