Monday, June 18, 2007

Frustrated Beyond Belief

Last Thursday, I had an unofficial weigh-in of 241 lbs. I was really happy about it. On Friday, my official weigh-in put me at 243.2 lbs. Since then, I've seen my weight consistently jump 1-2 pounds per day reaching a high of 247.

I haven't been stuffing myself. I've been watching what I eat. This weekend, I was active and did a lot of chores around the house, including yard work, cleaning the house, and washing and hand waxing our car. This morning, I'm hobbling around the house like an invalid, with sore muscles everywhere.

And still, my weight is going up. What gives?


Lady T said...

i'm gonna point the finger at water weight again....if you're being a good girl, then thats got to be it.

i understand that the excercise will increase the weight...i dont know how long that takes to wear off.

the other culprit could be real weight (d'uh. lol) i just read this in my weightloss program this weekend. so bear with me:

for some people, when they feel hungry all the time, the body thinks its starving....after a matter of time, the body kicks into "survival mode" it begins to store all the food it gets as energy (fat) bc the body is uncertain as to when it will get food again. the survival mode also slows/stalls the metabolism. which determines whether the food we eat is stored as fat or burned for energy.

could this be the culprit?

Lady T said...

Oink, are you ok? it's unusual for you to be so "silent" on a are you doing?