Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's for Dinner?

I am getting so tired of this nightly conversation.

My SO is in charge of the kitchen and is quite territorial. If I go in to clean up, or to cook anything myself, it's guaranteed to start a huge family argument. Best I stay out, and most of the time I don't mind. I don't like cooking anyway, and lately I've been so tired I wouldn't have the energy.

But I do get tired of having to ask for meals.

For some reason, even though we are eating basically the same amounts and types of food, my SO just isn't as hungry as I am. I find myself hungry enough that I want to chew splinters off my desk, while the SO has completely forgotten about food. As a result, mealtimes around here tend to be unpredictable, which makes this diet all the worse. I can deal with being hungry when I know what time food will be served. It's another thing to be hungry for what seems like hours on end with no relief in sight.

This afternoon, I drove over to the the CSA to pick up our box of produce. I was so hungry, I almost raided it. But it was crowded, too many cars were blocking the driveway, and I needed to move so the next vehicle could get in. The Kid was with me, and her normal kid chatter was grating on my nerves. I was so hungry I wanted to snap at her. Instead, I managed to hold my tongue.

When we got home, I asked the nightly question, "What's for dinner?"

"Oh, I don't know," said my SO. "Maybe we will just have a big salad."

I'm dying of starvation here and the SO just wants to eat salad?

The Kid was out of earshot. I started to quietly come a little unhinged. "Do you know how hungry I am most of the time?" I demanded in an angry whisper. "Do you have any idea? I am getting sick and tired of asking 'what's for dinner?' and being told we are having nothing but salad. I'm sick of it, and I want some real food. I am starving, and I don't want to wait another hour or two while you piddle around and figure out what you are going to make. It's 5:00 PM. I want to eat now!"

My SO is loosing weight much faster than I am and isn't hungry. It just doesn't seem fair.

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FatBlokeThin said...

I know it is frustrating when things aren't going your way but keep going!

My wife has the same problem with me in that I have lost 25 pounds and she has lost 'only' 12 but when you work it out as a percentage loss is is EXACTLY the same. Spooky...

I think you will always struggle to lose weight effectively if you do not take some control over the preperation of your food. I cook as much as my wife does - we share the task and eat sensibly as much as we can. Similarily, I can go without food and she really struggles with hunger all the time!

Maybe you need to up your sugar slightly and increase your exercise to burn it off - this may improve your mood - lol!

Best of luck.