Friday, June 1, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In #6

The official results for the week are in. I am down 0.2 lbs since last week, and I'm up 1.2 pounds since last Tuesday's May Day Weight Loss Challenge weigh-in. Even though I know intellectually that weight tends to fluctuate during an overall downward trend, I really hate it when I weigh more on Friday than I did on Tuesday.

Here are my results:
Weight       245.6 lbs (-0.2)
Body Fat 48.3 % (-0.5)
Body H20 37.3 % (-0.8)
Bone Mass 7.4 lbs (-0.5)
Muscle Mass 50.9 lbs (+1.8)

On the plus side, my body fat percentage is down a bit, and my lean muscle mass is up almost two pounds. Those are good results, and the overall trend is in the right direction.

Blah, blah, blah, blah...

I hate pretending to be optimistic, here. I want the scale to go down, dramatically, every week. A 0.2 pound loss is just damn discouraging no matter how you slice it. It's especially discouraging since I've spent so much time feeling hungry this week.

I'm sick of hungry. I'm willing to put up with it when I see results on the scale, but a week of putting up with my stomach growling for several hours each day just isn't worth it when I see a 0.2 pound loss, and I'm up from my lowest weight of the week.

Of course that previous weigh-in of 244.4 seems to be taunting me. I've hit that weight several times over the last two weeks, but my weight doesn't stay there. The number is like a flirty girl who isn't serious. Oh yeah, she'll pretend she's interested, but just as soon as she gets any attention, she'll disappear and tease someone else.

Even more frustrating is that when I have a bad week it screws up my average weight loss. Because of the bad week, my estimated time to goal has been extended to 67 weeks remaining.

I feel completely negative about my diet this morning. I feel like I'm doing a hell of a lot of suffering for not a whole lot of positive progress. I'm not snacking, I'm not cheating, I'm staying within my calorie goals. I'm doing my best at exercising and just being more active (doing things like weeding the garden and digging in flower beds) and it just doesn't seem like it's enough. I'm feeling like the only way I'm going to lose weight is to exercise myself to exhaustion every day and go to bed hungry every night.

This is no way to live. This isn't a "lifestyle change." It's torture.


Shannon said...

Have you talked with a dietitian or a doctor about this entire weight loss thing? I’m curious if you are starving your body so much that it’s holding on to everything you have. Unfortunately, I don’t know ANYTHING about this process other than the surface, so I may be way out in left field even mentioning this. It just seems to me, that being hungry a lot of the time isn’t normal either. Again, I might be out in left field wondering where the team is  It would be worth a shot!

Oh how I feel your pain with the gift cards you purchased. My husband likes to go out and eat…A LOT. It makes food choices difficult because what I REALLY want is STEAK and potato loaded with the works! I do love salmon, so that usually wins with my selection, but still….sitting there watching him eat what I WANT rather than what I have, is annoying.

Anyway, maybe you could give the gift cards as gifts to someone else…an upcoming birthday for a friend/family member? Just a thought!
Great job for hanging in there!!!!! WE WILL DO THIS!!

Shannon said...

I thought about you when I read this this morning! Maybe it will help!?

Lady T said...

shannon may have a are a hungry a lot..that can't be a good thats may be hard to sustain after you lose the weight...who wants to feel hugnry for the rest of their natural life?

oink, i can sooo relate with the scale issues. my weight has been all over the map for this past week. up 4 pounds, down 3 pounds, then up another 2 , then down 1. i think i am going to forgo weighing myself more than once a week. my self-esteem cant handle much more than that.

yeah, i didnt have a great week...i only excercised 2x and there was the memorial day food that i ate.....i binged on that ice cream...ugh....i hope to have a better week this week..and hopefully, my program that i ordered will get said 5-7 busincess days...Wednesday will be 7 business days....i remain hopeful.