Sunday, June 10, 2007

Endless Ice Cream Crave - Day 2

I woke up this morning still craving ice cream. All I want is a massive bowl of rich, vanilla ice cream drenched in caramel sauce. I was dreaming about it last night.


Oh yeah, and I had another disturbing diet dream. In that dream, I had lost an enormous amount of weight. My face, arms and legs were skinny to the point of being twig-like, but my butt was just as big as it had ever been. Clothes didn't fit, and I looked awful.

I hate dreams like that.

Yesterday, despite all my cravings, I managed to stay on plan pretty well. I had scrambled eggs and one piece of toast for breakfast, a bean and cheese burrito for lunch and a massive bowl of fresh strawberries, a big plate of cauliflower and a single cheese stick for dinner. This morning, my weight was down about a half a pound.

Today I expect to be pretty challenging. We are celebrating my mother's birthday (and having strawberry shortcake) and we'll be going to a BBQ with a friend this evening, and having hamburgers.

No ice cream for me today, either.


Shannon said...

Why can't our bodies crave spinach....or we do things like ice cream! Today, I stopped by Son.ic to get my son some lunch and he wanted some cheese sticks. Holy cow. This is the first time I literally would have hurt someone if they didn't let me have one. And you know, I ate ONE, and it was the most delicious thing I've eaten in weeks!!! WHY IS THAT??? Have we programmed our bodies that badly?? I'm VERY happy for you that there was no ice cream at your finger tips at the time :-) Hey, on a side note, I have discovered these icecream sandwiches called Skin.ny C0w. They are pretty good to me. It obviously won't match a true bowl of ice cream with caramel sauce, BUT it does taste really good----to me :-)

Lady T said...

i can truly relate. good job sticking it out!

I ran across these Edy's Frozen Fruit Pops. They are amazing and really soothe my cravings for something cool and sweet. No Sugar added. Sweetened with Splenda. They are only 30 calories per serving. I love the Mixed Berry but they also have some other assortment as well. Check them out. They may do for you what they have done for me.