Saturday, June 16, 2007

What the Heck!?!?

Thursday morning, I weighed 241 lbs. Yesterday morning, I weighed 243. This morning, I weigh 246!

In diet math, 1 lb = 3,500 calories. I've been watching what I eat carefully, and though I haven't been sticking to my usual low of 1,200 calories per day, there is absolutely no way that I have consumed an excess 17,500 calories over the past three days.

What the heck is going on here?


FatBlokeThin said...

Weight fluctations are a pain in the whatnot, at times like this I try to think of the times when I have had 'miracle losses' after overindulging - it is easy to forget that it can go both ways!

The body is an incredibly complex sack of bones and all sorts of things can cause fluctuations in weight.

I record my weight daily but use a spreadheet (yawn!) with a trend line so this irons out the blips and shows me that the average is still on a downward curve.

Is any of this helping? No? I thought not...sorry!

No cake to cheer yourself up though - that's like putting a fire out with gas!

Chin up!

Lady T said...

the diet math doesn't make sense does it? its sooo confusing...and then we women have all the other stuff going on in the background too...could it be TOM related? maybes its bloat...even when its not TOM, we women hold on to more water is there's excess sodium in our system.

damn water weight....

keep pushing forward. drown your cells in water and keep at it. you can do it. you've dropped over 10 lbs so far. you can do it again.