Saturday, June 9, 2007

Crave, Crave, Crave...

I've been pretty lucky, so far, that I haven't had a lot of really uncontrollable cravings. Last night, though, was the exception.

I spent the entire evening craving ice cream. I wanted a big bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with gooey caramel sauce. Fortunately(?), we didn't have either in the house, so I just sat on the sofa and wished we had some. We watched a show on television that explained how they make various types of sweets, including jelly beans, marshmallow Peeps, and Twinkies. I ate some jelly beans. One serving was 140 calories.

They were tasty, but they weren't ice cream. Still, I was on plan.

Interestingly enough, deprivation seems to make certain things taste better. The jelly bean flavors seemed more intense than usual, and even the flavors I don't care for, like cinnamon, popcorn and root beer tasted surprisingly delicious.

But I still want that bowl of ice cream.

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Mel said...

Good 4 U for winning over your temptation. I had a similar inner conflict last night and although challenging I kept myself on track. Its amazing how those inner thoughts can suddenly seize you and you could under certain circumstance obsess yourself right into having it. ugh

I stumbled across your blog somehow and have enjoyed reading your journey. Thanks for sharing it!