Thursday, July 5, 2007

Diet Vacation

I haven't blogged much from the road because it turned out that I haven't had much access to the Internet. Although I do enjoy blogging, the lure of of horseback riding, backyard BBQs, and visits with family seemed much more appealing.

I have no idea how I am doing with my diet, as I didn't pack my scale. I've been very active, riding, exercising and caring for horses, and I've tried hard to make good food choices. I suspect, though, that I will be disappointed when I get back on the scale, as I still see no difference in the way my clothes fit.

Although I've enjoyed my vacation immensely, I have also been extremely frustrated with my body. I used to ride a lot when I was younger and it was easy. Now, it's exhausting work. After a week of this level of activity, I'm sore as the dickens. My legs, back, arms and back are just one huge sore muscle. I thought that my exercise and weight loss efforts would have made more of a difference. Instead, I am finding that grooming a horse prior to the ride leaves me almost too tired to ride. Even if I take it real easy, I no longer have enough upper body strength to put a heavy Western saddle on the horse. I also don't have the strength to climb aboard -- instead I have to use the tailgate of a pickup truck as a mounting block.

Although I am sure that all the activity will have done me good, I am disappointed I couldn't do more. On July 4th, we had to walk at least a mile from the parking area to the viewing area. I'd exercised a horse in the round pen and gone riding earlier in the day, and the walk was almost more than I could manage.

It's disappointing that all my dieting efforts haven't made much of a difference. I'm still old, fat and out of shape, and it seems like my best efforts to improve my health have had very few results.

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Lady T said...

oh poo! you might now have been able to do that bit if you hadn't started you healthy lifestyle a while back.

yay!!!! oink stop's back!!!!