Monday, July 30, 2007

Holding Steady

This weekend was a tough weekend, though not only for diet reasons. The Kid has been away at summer camp, and came home with an attitude that sucked the oxygen right out of the house. Exhausting didn't even come close to describing her behavior. It's better now, but she's returning for one more week of fun in the sun.

From a diet perspective, things were challenging, too. We ate out several times, despite my objections, and it's been really hard to stick to plan. Things were helped yesterday, though, by the fact that I managed to have a Carnation Instant Breakfast in the morning, and I got busy doing chores and helping my father work on one of my broken-down cars and didn't eat again until dinner. I had a low-calorie frozen something-or-other, and my weight was actually down 0.2 lbs since Friday.

That's the good news for the weekend.

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