Monday, July 30, 2007

Chocolate Walk

One of the nice things about shooting for the way bottom of the calorie count is that if I want to indulge in a temptation, I don't have to freak out about it.

This afternoon, we went for a walk. We had some business we had to take care of that involved The Kid. Since she's gone to summer camp, we figured we'd walk over to the office and then walk home. If she'd been here, we'd have probably taken the car, just so we didn't have to listen to her whine.

Near our destination, is a small shop that sells handmade chocolates and candies. They are very good.

While we were out for our walk, we decided to stop at the shop. I bought a tiny bag of something that resembled peanut-butter flavored white chocolate. It came in flat pieces, and they claimed it was "bark."

Whatever it was, it was delicious, and I don't feel guilty, either.

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