Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How Many Weigh-Ins Are Too Many?

FatBlokeThin (who I happen to really like) is sponsoring his own weight loss challenge. His challenge will be starting this Friday for those that want to join, and will be running along until the end of the year.

I'd really like to get in on the challenge, but he's selected Mondays as his official weigh-in day, and I'm thinking that three official weigh-in days are just too much. I'm already officially weighing in on Fridays for myself and Tuesdays for the May Day Weight Loss Challenge, and I think having a third day where I have to be accountable is just too much.

As it is, I get pretty discouraged when I see small gains between my Tuesday and Friday weigh-ins. Even though I weigh myself every day, and even though I know that it's normal for my weight to peak and valley during the week, it's emotionally much harder to deal with those peaks and valleys when I have to record them on my Web site. Even when my weight is up a little bit, as long as I don't have to record it, the change doesn't usually bother me so much.

So how many official weigh-ins are too many? Three seems like a lot.


Mich said...

I'd figure out which day is lowest and stick with that...why make yourself crazy over it? I'm thinking about weighing on Wednesday, apparently I wear my fat better that day than on others!!

As frustrating as it is, you really are making great progress!

CPT Mom said...

I say that 3 times a week is too many because of the way our bodies vary day to day. Pick one day/time and do that. You could still update on the multiple sites using your weekly weigh in.

Keep working at it. You are doing great!

Lady T said...

yeah...the peaks are very discouraging. i used to only weigh once a week...then i started scale watching to see when i would hit the 20lbs mark....predictably the scale wouldn't budge.

i signed up for FBT's challenge and was supposed weight today to get an official start weight for the challenge.......frustrating. very much.

gonna post about it sometime today.

the more i weight, the crazier i start feeling. for my sanity i should probably only weigh once a week.