Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Buns of Tinfoil

Lady T posted this morning that she wasn't much interested in exercising to the point of having six-pack abs or buns of steel, and that she really is shooting for an overall healthier body.

I, on the other hand, wouldn't mind having a body with six-pack abs, buns of steel and a scarily low percentage of body fat. Although I certainly wouldn't mind looking like that, I have to be honest and say that I doubt very much I'd ever put forth the amount of effort it takes to have a body like that.

It's just like cars -- although I do have one newish, but inexpensive, car (it's a year old) the rest of the cars parked on our driveway are older and pretty beat up, the newest being a 1995 model that we bought well-used a few years ago. Although I certainly wouldn't mind driving around in a brand-new $45,000 SUV or big truck with a 12,000 pound tow rating, I'm not about to go to the work (or in my case incur the debt) it would take to actually own one. If I ended up with a lucky windfall that netted me one of these beauties, I wouldn't say no, but that's about the extent of my desire.

So, I guess that means instead of having buns of steel, I'm going to have buns of tinfoil. I'm okay with that.


Lady T said... crack me up...i'm envisioning that clip i linked in my post....instead of cracking the sticks the buns just crumple

anyway, i doubt i could sustain the amount of drive it would require me to get "ripped" too. glad i'm not striving for it...bc it would pretty much be a wash. i'm having a hard enough time doing my body sculpting now...after i workout, i'm pretty much done.

Mich said...

buns of tin foil would be an improvement over my buns of jello at this point! Maybe i should make that a mini goal!! LOL :-)