Saturday, July 21, 2007

One Cannot Live on Grass and Twigs Alone

As I've been dieting for just about three months now, I've come to realize a particular reality. As much as anyone might want to, it is not possible to live on grass and twigs along. For the sake of my sanity, I have to give up on the diet once in an while, and just eat some real food.

Last night, we went to a auto repair party. A friend of our is leaving on a three week vacation, so we went over to help install new brakes and struts on our friend's car, and to drink beer and eat pizza.

Before I arrived, I mentally planned out what I was going to do. I was going to have one beer and one slice of pizza, and then I was going to drink water for the rest of the evening. I had it all decided how good I was going to be, and how I was going to be so virtuous.

When I got to the party, I decided, "f*ck it," and I decided to eat and drink until I was satisfied.

Even though I made sure to eat decently during the day, I was starving. Two beers and three pieces of cheese and two pieces of vegetarian pizza later, I was finally full. I wasn't stuffed -- just comfortably full.

I enjoyed every bite.

And, no, I didn't step on the scale this morning either.

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Shannon said...

I've had those days, too Oinky. I truly think you need to get you some more recipes that satisfy you MUCH more than your twigs!! ha There's a lot out there...I am creating a folder on my desktop that has recipes in it that I run across when I'm looking online. Mostly are weight watchers type but they give all of the calorie breakdowns and most are really good! Do you do Lean Cuisine's at all? I like their pizzas, but that's about it. BUT, the pizza is good! I really think if you can begin eating to where you feel satisfied, you will be a much happier dieter!

To create a positive least you ate some veggies on those pizza slices!! haha

Good luck!