Friday, July 20, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In #13

I just realized, after looking at my calendar, that last week's weigh-in was actually week number 12, which makes this week lucky number 13. I went back and corrected the week information on my previous weekly weigh-in, since it turns out I missed two weeks of weigh-ins while I was on vacation, and not one like I had thought.

Here are the results from this morning's weigh in.
Weight       237.0 lbs (-1.8)
Body Fat 47.7 % (-0.6)
Body H20 37.5 % (+0.8)
Bone Mass 7.4 lbs (-0.3)
Muscle Mass 49.3 lbs (+1.3)

I'm down a tiny bit since yesterday (0.4 lbs), so I'm not really sure that skipping the hamburger last night bought me much. I'll have to decide if missing the hamburger was worth less than half a pound.

We'll see.

According to my calculations, I've been averaging about 1.5 lbs lost a week, which I guess isn't so bad. I was hoping that I could lose a little faster, because at the current rate I'm going, I'm not going to be at my goal weight for another year and a half. I hate how every time I calculate my estimated completion date, it seems to be stretching out further and further into the future.

It was pretty hard thinking that I'd be at this for a year. It's even harder knowing that I'm going to be at this for at least another year and a half on top of the three months I've already been dieting. I'm worried that as I lose more and more weight, things will go even more slowly, and I might be looking at another two or three years before I'm anywhere near my goal.

I'm trying to keep my eyes on shorter-term goals like losing a total of 10% of my original body weight (25 lbs) or just moving out of the category of morbidly obese to just plain-old obese (39 lbs) but even both of those goals seem really far off. Although I'm certainly getting close to the 10% goal (I've lost 7% of my original body weight), the last little bit just doesn't seem to want to come off. It's only a measly 5 lbs from where I am now, but even that seems like climbing a mountain. When I think about the fact that I still need to lose 101 lbs until I'll be at a normal weight and 119 lbs until I reach my goal, it's pretty darned overwhelming.

I just keep trying to remind myself that I'm 4/5ths of the way to the 10% goal, and a bit more than halfway to becoming obese.

Of course there is something a little sick and wrong about having the goal, "I would like to become obese." If I went running around the neighborhood yelling, "Guess what? I'm obese!" people would surely think I'd lost my mind.

Funny, isn't it? What's one person's goal is another person's nightmare.

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Lady T said...

all very true. one of my current "long range" goals is to get into an 18. i notice there are a few people out there starting their journey at that size. then there is my ultimate goal of a size 12, while i am sure there are those out there that are 12's and wish with all their might they could be in a 1 digit size.

oh for how long it'll take....God willingly you gonna be 2 yuears older anyway. might as well lose weight in the meantime, right?