Monday, July 9, 2007

The Vacation Diet Lottery

Well, I'm back from vacation. (Rats)

We had a really good time, and it is hard, hard, hard to be back at my desk this morning. I still have a million post-vacation things to do, like unpacking and laundry, and I definitely have a bad case of Monday morning blues.

Although today is not a scheduled weigh-in day, I thought it would be interesting to post the results of all the "damage" I did while I was on vacation.

I'll be honest. I ate like a pig. I ate things like strawberry shortcake, fry bread, and smothered burritos. I probably consumed my weight in Popsicles during the two-day drive home because we were making the drive across the desert in a car with no air conditioning.

That being said, I am shocked and delighted to report the following post-vacation results:

Weight       239.4 lbs (-4.6)
Body Fat 47.7 % (-0.9)
Body H20 37.8 % (+1.1)
Bone Mass 7.4 lbs (-0.3)
Muscle Mass 50.4 lbs (+1.3)

I guess this time I won the diet lottery. Woo!

1 comment:

Lady T said...

H#ll yeah!!!

see? all that huffing and puffing "at the ranch" did you some good. just what you needed to ge tover that little hump.

congrats to making it into the '30s!!!!