Thursday, July 12, 2007

I Should Move My Weigh-In To Thursday

So here it is, Thursday morning, and my weight is once again at the lowest weight of the week. I am starting to think that perhaps I should move my "official" weigh-in to this day, because I always seem to be doing my best.

This morning: 238.0 lbs.

Thursday evenings are what really mess me up. We have a tradition of going out to a local hamburger joint and having burgers and this really decadent swiss potato soup, which is basically a milk-based soup filled with potatoes and swiss cheese. If you've never had a similar soup, imagine white clam chowder, minus clams, plus a bucket load of swiss cheese.

Now I have cut back when we go out. Usually I have half a hamburger (either split with the SO or The Kid) and a bowl of soup. I skip fries and the onion rings, but it doesn't seem to matter. Every Friday morning, my weight is up from the day before. It doesn't seem to make any difference if I exercise or eat almost nothing before dinner. I suspect the bowl of soup and half-burger have more calories than I'm guessing, and it does me in every week.

I should just stop going. I should move to Timbuktu so I won't be tempted every Thursday.

But then I think about it, and realize that if I skip my Thursday soup and burger, it will give me just one more reason to hate this diet and my life even more. I'm already having a hard time; why give myself one more reason to be miserable? I've already cut out so many other things that I love from my regular menu, that cutting out this might push me over the edge. I've cut out beer, ice cream, 2% milk (now I drink non-fat), and all forms of cakes, candies and sweets. I don't drink soda, especially the sugared kind, and I've cut my portion sizes back so far that I leave the dinner table hungry most nights.

Maybe I should just move my official weigh-in day to Thursday.


Lena said...

I think you should move it to thursday. Do what makes you feel your best. It could be the amount of calories is wrong, but I suspect more that it is the sodium that is making you put on weight the next day after your hamburger. Don't deny yourself. If that is a tradition then do it. You are making a wise choice by only eating half and skipping the fries, etc. AND your weight is still coming down during your weekly weigh in. Don't give up. You are doing great! I have a weight loss blog too if you want to ck it out:

Lady T said...

i agree with Lena...move your day...why not? especially if this is when you have you best weigh-ins. have a little built in self esteem boost...that way you have up to a week to work off the soup and burger damage.

i'm also nodding to the sodium comment Lena made. i've been reading a lot about sodium...and have discovered with my own self that when i consume more sodium the scale doesnt move for me either. i couldnt tell i was eating that much sodium until i cut out most of it...then tasted the other stuff while on vacation....many things tasted "salty" where before i would add salt to them.