Tuesday, July 24, 2007

May Day Weight Loss Challenge Weigh-In #11

This week's results: +2.2 lbs.


I'm sure that pizza and beer on Friday didn't help, but I suspect that's not the only culprit.

I suspect that the real culprit has been that we've eaten out every day since Friday. Even though I've done my best to make good selections and exercise portion control, I think the real truth is that even the deceptively healthy-looking entrees at most restaurants aren't as good as they appear. I wish restaurants would list at least the calorie counts on their menus. I suspect if they did, though, there would be a public outcry.

I've told the SO that we really need to stop eating out.

What surprises and frustrates me, though, is that over the weekend I was very active, so I really expected to see my weight stabilize, rather than spike. On Saturday, we had an event that had us walking around all day. On Sunday, we had a car wash party, and I was outside detailing cars all day. Yesterday, despite the fact that my knee was killing me, I managed to wash our worst-running and dirtiest car (had to wash it three times) and start the detailing process. Once it's cleaned up and I get a couple of minor things fixed, I plan to sell it. We have too many cars cluttering up the driveway.

Other than Friday night, when I went to bed feeling full, but not stuffed, I've gone to bed feeling slightly hungry each night. Most of the time I'm still plagued with being hungry all the time.

My doctor called last night to speak to my SO about their recent visit, but while she had me on the phone she said, "I heard from SO that you are doing a good job sticking to your diet." I shot my SO a furious look, as that topic wasn't supposed to be discussed with anyone. "Lies, lies and more lies," I told the doctor. She laughed. "Well, hang in there," she said.

Can I kill my SO now? I am so ready.

What's really aggravating me is that the SO has been running off at the mouth telling everybody and anybody who will listen about the 25 pounds lost so far. Shut up, I mouth, but the lips just keep on flapping. I'll tell people I'm on a diet when I am good and ready.

And of course nobody is noticing that I'm losing weight, either. I'm the one suffering, I'm the one starving, and I'm the one whose numbers don't budge on the scale. The SO eats like a pig, and the pounds fall off. I exercise to the best of my ability, I eat crumbs, and there is no reward at the scale.

I'm getting so annoyed with my SO of late that I've actually been entertaining thoughts of moving out. I wouldn't mind so much if the SO would just shut up.

I wonder, how many divorces are caused by diets?


Jan B said...

I think that quite a few divorces could be caused by dieting. I know our marriage has been rocky since I started.

It bothers me that you are starving. You shouldn't be starving. I eat tons a day and still keep it under or near 1500 calories and under 30 grams of fat per day.

Everyone has a different way to get to weight loss, I hope that you find yours and that it doesn't involve starving. Take care, I hope that next week goes better for you.

Mama Bear June said...

I agree with Jan, you shouldn't be starving. Check out the Abs Diet eating guide. You eat every 3 hours, healthy, high protein snacks and will still lose weight. Now when you go to England and enjoy the Cadbury chocolate and have a couple beers in the pub every night - ya tend to gain a little back! LOL

I think you should sit your SO down and explain how very much you are disturbed by his flapping mouth. I don't know, you may have already done that, but it's worth a shot before moving out.

Sending hugs.
Path to Health

Melanie said...

Ah yes, dieting and divorce. For me and my hubby the problem is that he wants lots of unhealthy snacks in the cupboards. Then I eat them and get mad at him.

You should not be starving. A diet where you are starving will not work, you will eventually cave in and start eating. Have you tried eating more fruits and veggies? And, of course- get lots of fiber, it makes you feel full longer.

Hope this week is better.

Skittles said...

You've put into words what a lot of us go through.

FatBlokeThin said...

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Denise said...

Praying that things will get better.

Lady T said...

lol...it is quite possible that some have.

well, you know first hand how i've been dying for a comment from any other soul than my bf and LR.....so i can relate oh-so-much.

i had a woman tell me that getting comments from others isnt what's important, bc YOU notice it....

i coulda popped that woman in the head like in those V8 commercials.

"No...that is not what weight loss is abotu my dear! weightloss for vanity's intents and purposes is to get you noticed and cause others to want your body."....

instead i smiled and nodded. pwshhhhh....

Lady T said...

answer to your question:

eventually. not right away though. i have an aunt and uncle who live in New Job City and i could stay with them and so i could start looking for a job and such. but i wouldnt want to stay with them to long.

maintaining our "not living" together streak. at least i am. he on the other hand.......lol