Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 39 - Food and Hunger are the Enemies

As of yesterday, I'd done a pretty darn good job of sticking to just the shakes 100%. I not only knocked off the weight I'd gained on the bus trip, I lost a few more pounds, besides.

But I've realized that I just can't stick to a 100% shake diet for more than about five days at a time. By Friday afternoon, I was feeling sick. I was hungry and nauseated at the same time. Friday morning, I couldn't get down my entire shake. I had to put half of it in the fridge and try again several hours later. I was too queasy to drink my afternoon shake until about 3:00 PM.

I'd also been having diarrhea for several days, and my poor rear end was getting pretty sore form all the wiping. In fact, I'd wiped so much that I'd given myself a nastly toilet paper abrasion on my poor behind! (I know, too much information, but I'm just telling it like it is)

Anyway, there's nothing more depressing when you know you've wiped your rear so much that you are bleeding.

By dinner time, I felt terrible. I took a hot shower and felt so lightheaded that I thought I might pass out. I slipped into my pajamas, and had a rest on the best. My stomach gurgled and growled. I wasn't sure if I'd be sick to my stomach, or if I was going to have to spend some more time sitting on the commode.

Finally, The Wife came in to check on me. "You look terrible," she said. "You really should eat something."

She was right. I did feel terrible, and by that point I was just too hungry and nauseated to care. She went out and got KFC.

I ended up gobbling down three pieces of chicken. As soon as I did, I felt enormously better. I also had one biscuit (instead of my usual two), some mixed veggies (as prepared by the wife with no butter), only some of the mashed potatoes (instead of my usual double helping) and about three sporkfuls of macaroni salad. I stopped eating when I was full, and had two cookies for dessert.

The food tasted good, and I felt so much better afterwards. I went to bed, for the first time in what seemed like ages, with a full belly.

I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty, because I was honestly feeling quite ill. Weight is up this morning about 1.8 lbs from yesterday, though.

I think I'm going to have to start making a habit of adding regular food to my regimen of shakes. Too many days of shakes alone just leaves me feeling terrible.

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