Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 36 - Weigh In Blahs

Well this week I didn't do quite as well as I've done in previous weeks. My weight this morning was 233.2 lbs, down only 1.2 lbs from last week.

It's not totally surprising, given that I went off the diet for the school bus trip, and I had trouble getting back on program the following day. I suspect my results would have been better had I not agreed to go out to lunch yesterday, but my mother was in town, and I still don't want her to know I'm dieting.

So, I guess I should be happy about the 1.2 lbs loss.

Right now, my overarching concern isn't really my diet at all. I'm very worried about our money situation now that The Wife's job is suddenly ending. We'll be okay, but it's pretty scary to think that our business' gross income will drop almost by half.

I still have a job, which is good, but I'm scared it could be me next!

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