Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 23 - In for a Dime, In for a Dollar

Earlier this week, I promised The Kid that we'd go out for pizza as a family on Saturday. I found out that's not going to be possible, as my mother called and wanted to know if we could come and visit this weekend. Since not keeping a promise to The Kid is just short of a deadly sin, I decided we'd go out to pizza last night.

I ordered an individual pizza to keep my serving size down. Even so, I gained a pound. I'm not terribly worried about it, as I suspect the majority of the gain was the weight of my not-yet-pooped-out pizza remnants.

It's all good.

Today, of course, I'm back at it.

I'm starting to run low on supplies, so I went ahead and ordered a resupply. Since the nice folks at Cambridge Direct Sales gave me a 10% off my next order coupon, I went ahead and ordered three cases of shake mix. That's a three-month supply of powder.

So I guess I'm really making a commitment to stick with it.

I'm hoping my losses will remain high, since I'll be seeing my MIL on the third weekend of April. I hope I will have lost enough that she'll actually notice I'm smaller, though I'm not really holding my breath.

Of course one of my friends already noticed I've lost weight. He's my absolute best friend in the entire world, but he also knows I've been dieting. On the other hand, his noticing may actually be legitimate because he's Deaf, and almost nothing escapes his very observant eyes.

I'm not seeing much of a difference yet. My size 24W pants don't really feel any looser than when I bought them last Spring in time for my wedding.

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