Friday, August 31, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In #19

Well, here it is, another weekly weigh-in. When i start looking at the week numbers, I shake my head and find it hard to believe that I've managed to hang in for so long. This week, I'm down quite a bit from last Friday, but I'm most certainly up from my all-time low last Tuesday. However, I think last Tuesday's results are questionable, as I may have been experiencing a scale malfunction.
Weight       231.2 lbs (-3.4)
Body Fat 47.7% (-0.3)
Body H20 37.2% (+0.2)
Bone Mass 7.4 lbs (-0.3)
Muscle Mass 46.9 lbs (-0.4)

So overall, I guess this is a good week.

We'll see how this weekend goes. We are going to be attending a big party, and I have to wash and wax my car this weekend. Worse, it's Labor Day weekend, which means it's the last time I'm going to be able to be lazy for a while. From now until the end of the year, it's work, work, work.

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dancer-in-me said...

You are doing so great!! Don't beat yourself up so much cause it isn't going as fast as you would like. Look at how far you have come!! Just remember all this hard work will pay off in the end no matter HOW long it takes.