Friday, August 17, 2007

Weekly Weigh-In #17

Well, here it is, another Friday. Here are my weight loss results for the week:

Weight       233.4 lbs (-0.8)
Body Fat 48.0% (-0.3)
Body H20 36.9% (+0.3)
Bone Mass 7.7 lbs (-0.0)
Muscle Mass 47.1 lbs (+0.6)

Looks like I'm down a little bit from last week, so that's a good thing. I'm 0.4 lbs above my all-time lowest weight so far but I guess I can't complain so much. Down is down, after all.

All total, I've lost 23.6 lbs in 17 weeks. Since my weight loss has slowed to about 1.3 lbs a week, it looks like the estimated completion date of my diet has been pushed back yet again. If things keep going along at the same clip they have been, I'll be at my goal weight in 83 weeks. That gives me a target date of 3/20/2009.

I need to figure out how to hurry this along a little bit. It seems like every week I estimate when I'll be finished, the date gets pushed out into the future further and further.

I know that adding some exercise to the equation would probably help, but I'm pretty much stymied in that area. I realize that exercise is really good for you, but the price I pay (a really bad case of itchy hives) just isn't worth it. I've had the problem of exercised-induced urticaria for a while, but it seems to have become worse as I've lost weight, not better. I mean let's face it -- it's bad enough to itch so bad you want to scratch your skin off, but it's even worse that you go around looking like you've been stung by a thousand bees.

Ugh, just talking about this makes my scalp itch.

Moving on to another topic, I've noticed that there are a few things that I used to love that I don't like so much anymore. I used to really love to put on fresh clean clothes that came right out of the dryer. Now, not so much anymore.

The reason that I don't like clothes fresh out of the dryer anymore is that all my clothes tend to shrink a little when they are washed, and stretch out after being worn for a little while. When I put on a pair of pants that have already been worn for a day or two, I can think to myself, "hey, my clothes are finally getting looser!" But, when I pull them out of the dryer, I realize that the truth is nothing fits better than it did 17 weeks ago.

I've taken to wearing the same pants for a few days in a row, just so I can convince myself that my clothes fit better.

Yeah, I know, gross. At least I'm still changing my shirt and my underwear every day.


Anonymous said...

I've been taking alli diet pills which block fat digestion and it helps a lot.

Protein suppresses hunger and keeps you from losing muscle. Forget about salads for weight loss, as well - they are useless.

You need to cut out carbs and cut down on fat.

Ham and lean chicken are great, and so are beans and peas.

I measure each calorie I eat...if you don't you'll never get anywhere. My diet started off slow, but I have now lost 20 pounds and am averaging 2.5-3.0 pounds of weight loss a week. Unfortunately weight loss takes time and losing 100 pounds is going to take close to a year to lose it healthily, but at your weight it should practically fly off if you have a decent diet.

dancer-in-me said...

Have you thought of not seeing how long it is going to take you? Don't focus on an end date. There really is no end date. This is a life style and we will always have to watch what we eat.

I no longe look to see how long it is going to take me to lose my weight more cause it gets me really frustrated to see it could take me a year to get the weight off. Just focus on 5lbs at a time. If you continue to eat healthy and reduce your calories the weight WILL come off.

Our bodies fluctuate so much that I realize I am not going to lose consistently every single week. Take week before last I was up .8 and I knew I didn't cheat on my diet. Then this week I was down 2.2lbs. So it all works out in the end. I no longer get frustrated over the gains any more. It happens.

About the exercise. I looked up what you have the other day. I found it very interesting. It says that it is usually caused by a food allergy and that you should eliminate the food close to the time you exercise. But it also said it didn't have to be food. Ck with your dr cause there are some treatments out there to help control it. Hopefully, there is one for you.

Good luck and keep on making good choices and we are with you no matter how long it takes for you to reach goal!!