Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thanks for the Shout-Out

Kiran, over at The Big Drop gave me a nice shout out today, so I thought I'd put up a post to extend my thanks. He liked the Milestones section on the right navigation of my blog, and he's posted a similar thing on his.

Right now the little notes from readers, even if they aren't weight-loss related, mean a lot. We are still sorting out all the news about The Kid, and it's a tough pill to swallow.

Basically, the "experts" are telling us The Kid needs to be placed into a special education class. It's a puzzling, unique and difficult situation made all the more complex because The Kid came to us by the miracle of the state social services office, rather than squirting out my hoo-ha in a big glop of goo...

Isn't that cool? I ended up with a kid but I didn't have to get pregnant and worry about the post-delivery weight loss problems. Oh, wait a second, I still have to be on a diet anyway. I guess it didn't buy me all that much. Rats.

At least the stork didn't deliver her. I'm sure that it would have broken his little feathered back trying to haul an 80-lb kid across the sky.

But back to The Kid's problems, she's profoundly behind in school because the-powers-that-be didn't made sure that she attended regularly before she was dropped off at our house. Now that she's with us, she's advanced tremendously. (Amazing what the words, "You will go to class, and you will do your homework" can do.) But even so, "the experts" believe there to be a problem, and a series of psychological tests have revealed a mishmash of confusing and contradictory information.

At least the news is better today. Yesterday, the "experts" were telling us that The Kid is a retard. Today, they tell me that she's a gifted retard.

Gee, that makes me feel oh-so-much-better.

Anyway, I realize that none of this has one crumb to do with weight loss, but this is my blog, and I get to write about whatever I want.

So I'll end on a weight-related note. Despite the crummy news from "the experts," we got the results back on some academic testing that's absolutely great. The Kid has worked hard and done well, so we went out for dinner to celebrate The Kid's achievement.

We went out for Thai food. I ate way more than I should have. I enjoyed every bite.

My weight was up a little this morning, and I don't f*cking care.


Mich said...

a) being an adoptive mom myself, I've cracking up over the "squirting out my hoo-ha"!!!! NEVER thought about it in those terms!!!

b)I hope that things get sorted out with the Kid and that she gets the support she needs to succeed. It sounds like she had a rough start, and now is growing in leaps and bounds!

c)Yum, Thai food. There are times when really, you shouldn't have to care what you eat!

FatBlokeThin said...

Beware the experts!

Often the most expert person you know is the one you yawn at in the mirror every morning...

Best of luck with the Kid and trust your own instincts over all others.

Shannon said...

Hey there,

I am a teacher both in profession and heart and I feel what Fatblokethin said is very, very true. YOU will know your child's situation way better as long as you can try to look at her situation without "rose colored glasses". You seem very much to be that kind of person. Make surey ou ask tons of questions and have your thoughts together so you are not speaking from the emotional side, but rather, knowledge.

Good luck!