Monday, August 6, 2007

Camping, Camping, Camping

I missed my Friday weigh-in because I ended up taking The SO, The Kid, and two other children camping over the weekend. I missed the weigh-in because I needed to have my RV out to the campground (which doesn't take reservations) by no later that 8:00 AM. I made it, just barely, and was very lucky because I literally got the last campsite in the place.


We had a nice time camping. The kids enjoyed themselves, and were really well-behaved, despite the fact that we had five people crammed into a 22' trailer. You can tell you who really like after a weekend of camping, and I would definitely take this group of kids again.

Surprisingly, I came home a pound lighter than when I left, despite the fact that I ate a single-serving bag of chips with my lunch every day, and we ate things like hot dogs, baked potatoes with butter, and s'mores.

Yeah, I had s'mores. In fact, I had two of them Sunday night.

I've decided there's absolutely no logic to the weight loss game. I've been on a VLCD for about a week, gained three pounds overnight when I ate pizza for dinner last week, and then lost a pound after eating a steady diet of chips, hot dogs, baked potatoes, and s'mores.

Go figure.

I didn't think I was all that active while we were camping, either. I did a fair amount of slow walking around the park, as there was a fire burning in the back country behind the campground, so we made several hikes from the opposite site of the camp to have a look. It was hot and the humidity was pretty high, so I walked pretty slowly because I didn't want to fall down dead of heatstroke. I also had to walk to the camp store several times to purchase postcards to send to friends and items we'd forgotten to pack. I did walk, but I didn't think it was all that valuable in terms of exercise, since I was strolling along, oh-so-slowly.

I must have done something, though, because my feet are still sore this morning.

At this point, my weight is exactly the same as my last Friday weigh-in, which is still down a total of 20 lbs from my start weight.

I guess I can't really complain about that, because I really expected to put on five or ten pounds based on all the crap I ate.

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