Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bewildered Again

Once again, I find myself completely mystified by the diet equation known as my body.

Friday and Saturday, I ate. A lot. On Saturday, I had a milkshake for lunch. Later in the afternoon, we gathered at my parent's house because there was a death in my stepmother's family, and we ate.

By all rights, I expected to see a gain on the scales this morning. I expected to see a 1-2 lb gain, and I was okay with it. After all, I deserved what I got. Eating crap means seeing gains on the scale.

So I stepped on the scale, head low, knowing that I deserved to be punished by the scale gods.

So what did I see?

A 1.4 lb loss from my weigh-in on Friday, and a new, all-time low on the scale.

Go figure. Like I've said, there seems to be no rhyme or reason when it comes to my weight any more.

Well, I'm certainly not complaining. I actually let out a cheer when I saw the results on the scale.



lounash said...

Hey - I've always noticed that the scale is about a week behind from my eating habits. So if I eat GREAT one week, I don't see the results until the following. And vice versa. Is that weird? I know it doesn't follow dieting math, but my body seems to work in that pattern.

Lindsay said...

It's a marathon not a race! You know this loss wasn't free- think about all the weeks ou felt like you should have lost more- it's your body catching up. You're right to celebrate it no matter how it comes!

I just found your blog and am adding you to my reader and my blogroll- I hope we can encourage each other!