Saturday, July 12, 2008

When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Go Shopping

I've been hungry enough today that even the edging on my oak desk is looking tasty. If I were a termite, I suppose I'd just dive right in and say, "Aw, to heck with it!"

Instead, The Wife and I went shopping. I guess we are nesting after our recent wedding, even though we've been living together for almost ten years.

So what did we buy?

An outdoor gas BBQ.

I'm not sure why, exactly, we bought it. It's not like I'm planning to eat grilled hot dogs any time soon. I was tempted for lunch, until I sat down and figured out just how many calories and grams of fat were in one measly dog.

I decided I wasn't that hungry and had a cup of low fat cottage cheese and two fresh peaches that we picked up at the farmer's market yesterday. The cottage cheese was sort of a meh, but the peaches were fabulous. I wish I'd bought more.

The BBQ has to be assembled by the store, so it hasn't arrived yet. Perhaps we'll buy some fish and try our luck with that. Oh, but wait -- fish is full of mercury so we shouldn't have that, either. Being on a diet is starting to convince me that everything is bad for me, and I'm starting to become paranoid.

Okay, so I'm losing a few marbles along with a few pounds.

The Wife and The Kid are begging to go to our local discount store. I hate going there, especially on a Saturday when it is crowded. I hate going even more because I know they will want me to spend money we shouldn't spend. But even worse, I am hungry, which really makes me not want to go. It's hot, and I'd like to take my hungry tummy and curl up for a nap.

We went to the movies this morning, which turned out to be an easy dieting experience. We decided to go as sort of a last-minute thing, so we didn't have time to stop and buy snacks. I told The Kid as we headed over to the theater, "we aren't going to have time to buy food before the movie starts, will you be okay?" She said she would be fine, so we breezed into the theater, just as the previews were starting to roll.

I'm glad I told her that, because I don't believe I could have sat through the movie smelling, listening and watching her much away at a box of popcorn.

The crescendo of whining has increased, and The Wife and The Kid want to go to the evil discount store. It looks like I have been volun-told to drive us over there.

When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping.


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