Thursday, July 24, 2008

Impending Doom

In two weeks, we are going camping for a few days. This will be our last blast of the summer, and though we expect it to be fun, it will also be sad. Our closest friends, who are coming with us, will permanently move out of state shortly afterwards. It's going to be be a very bittersweet weekend.

Although I'm really looking forward to the break, I'm also very worried about what it's going to do to my weight. We've discussed the menu, and because it's our last time camping together, we are pulling out all the stops. There is nothing on the menu that I'd consider particularly diet friendly. We are going to be eating hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, potato salad, and a very high-calorie breakfast sandwich called a "pudgy pie" that consists of scrambled eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, onions, mushrooms and whatever else you can think of, placed inside double-buttered bread and roasted in an sandwich maker over the fire. All wonderful, delicious food that I shouldn't eat because it's high in calories and fat, and low in good sense and nutrition.

If the food menu wasn't bad enough, I know us grown-ups will be drinking, so my calorie counts will be through the roof. Although I'm going to try to exercise some portion control, I doubt that I'll be very successful at it. The truth is, for this weekend, I don't think I care all that much. I'll try to be more active and go on a few hikes, but I doubt that the amount of activity I'll be able to engage in will offset the amount of food I'm likely to eat.

In the meantime, I'm just going to work on losing as much as I can beforehand, so that the overall trend still moves in the right direction.

This morning, I'm eating cottage cheese and a banana for breakfast and dreaming of pudgy pies.

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Once Upon A Dieter said...

Okay. That's a toughie. Mostly because of the "the last time for a while" aspect, since yo ur friends are moving away. Emotions will run wild!

The extra hiking is a good strategy. The most important one may be the "only have one" strategy. One drink. One hot dog . One burger. One cookie or small piece of sweet delight. Since you are not having the last say on the menu itself, then maybe all you can focus on is your own portions of the yummies. Very hard. I personally always wanna have that SECOND hot dog at barbecues and not having it is always an internal struggle.

Enjoy your pals, enjoy nature, and try your best with those temptations!!!

Have fun,
The P