Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jeans Mystery Solved

The other day, I was grumbling about how my two supposedly-identical pairs of jeans didn't fit the same. The two jeans are supposed to be the same, as they are from the same manufacturer, the same style and the same size*. The only difference is that one pair is black, the other is blue.

Color shouldn't make a difference, right?

Well apparently it does, because one pair was made in Malaysia, and the other pair was made in Israel.

Of course it makes me wonder -- since the jeans look the same, shouldn't they have been made from the same pattern?

I just wish the U.S. clothing industry wouldn't outsource all the manufacturing to other countries. Back in the old days, I could buy a pair of jeans, the same size and style and they would be the same. It didn't matter if I bought them days, months, even years apart.

Now, I can't even buy two pairs of jeans on the same day from the same manufacturer without trying them both on.

Is that nuts or what?

* And since I know there is probably at least one person who is dying to know, I'll admit the size: the jeans are size 24W short.

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Princess Dieter said...

I'll go a step further. I wish the sizes were FRICKEN STANDARDIZED, so that if I am a size 24, I don't need to try on size 26, 28, 22 and figure out which one. I should be able to (more or less, allowing for differences in style considerations, baggy versus loose, fabric elasticity, etc), that if I'm a 24, then a 24 fits.

I get so ticked when I order online (and I do most of my shopping online cause I hate going to the mall), that I look at their sizing chart, measure myself, go by their measurements, and the stuff ends up, almost always TOO BIG. It's like my tape measure is conspiring to be different. heh.

Anyway, I'm a fan of black jeans over blue...but if they fit my hips they don't fit my waist, if they fit my waist, it won't zip up on my belly.

My hourglass figure is troublesome.

Israel vs. Malaysia. You'd think there would be a price/profit difference there...

The Princess