Monday, July 14, 2008

Exercise Equals Weight Gain

There's nothing more discouraging than doing exactly what you are supposed to do and then discovering that you gained weight.

Yesterday, consumed less than 1,200 calories, and I spent almost the entire day involved in a home improvement project that required considerable physical effort. It involved a lot of bending, scraping, and numerous trips to the large home improvement store (which also involved a lot of walking) so I was physically active for most of the day. I worked up a good sweat doing my chores, and drank plenty of water.

And what was my reward for all my good dieting effort?

A lousy night's sleep and a pound and a half weight gain.

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dancer-in-me said...

WATER RETENTION!! That is exactly what that is. Don't be discouraged. It will show up. Just keep doing what you are doing and the weight will drop.

My dh who is not overweight at all did the same thing. He worked really hard all weekend a few weeks ago putting in wood floors working up a sweat all weekend and he was up 5lbs on Monday. By the middle of the week he was back where he was. So yes, WATER.