Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wanting to Stab Myself

Yesterday, I said that I was taking another stab at things, now that the wedding is over and life has calmed down. This afternoon, I just feel like stabbing myself in the eye with a titanium spork.

Diets do not do good things for my mood. I yelled at The Kid in a way-over-the-top way. She probably did deserve to be yelled at, but not in the immature, totally-lost-my-cool way that I did. Of course I apologized and told her that my behavior was unacceptable, but still...

What a dork I am.

Of course I can't blame this all on the diet. There's still a lot more going on behind the scenes that has me pretty stirred up. Some of our family members (on both sides) behaved like colossal dorks before, during and after our wedding. Two of our immediate family members went on a flat-out boycott, while the third claimed to have "another engagement" that day and couldn't attend.

I did pretty well in avoiding food yesterday until dinner time. I had one egg and one piece of toast for breakfast, an instant breakfast drink for lunch, and a banana for a snack. I blew it at dinner, though. I was so hungry I ate two hot dogs and had a double-helping of potato salad.

I guess the good news is that they were the standard small kosher hot dogs instead of the jumbo ones.

Oh well, I can always do better later. I just hope the SO didn't bring home anything fattening for lunch.

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dancer-in-me said...

Hang in there! I am hanging on by my fingernails as well. Some how we have got to learn to not let the stress bother us. When I figure that out then I know my weight problem will cease to exist. I am such a worrier. Sounds like you are too. Hope your family smarts up and try not to take it personally. It is their issue not yours. You have to do what is right for your family.