Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nothing Brilliant to Say

I'm really trying to make a point to go back to blogging on a daily basis, but this morning I'm at a bit of a loss for words. I have nothing brilliant to say. Sorry, I guess all of my posts can't be an act of literary genius.

Although some weight loss experts say one shouldn't weigh more than once a week, I do it daily because it keeps me honest. It lets me get fairly direct feedback about how my diet is going. It gives much more honest feedback than just weighing and measuring food can give me alone. Even though I'm counting calories, the scale can answer questions that my diet log cannot. Am I still losing weight? Can I afford to have a treat? Do I need to eat less or exercise more? Although my food journal gives me part of the picture, the scale is another valuable tool in my arsenal of weapons against fat.

As for how I'm doing this morning, I lost almost a pound of the pound and a half I gained over the weekend. That's good, and it makes me happy, but overall I'm still pretty discouraged with my progress.

About a year ago, I was giving thought to going back on the Cambridge diet. I remember doing it in the 1980's, and I lost a lot of weight on the program. It worked. Of course when I was finished, I gained all that I'd lost plus more, but that's not so much a fault of the diet as it was me failing to make permanent lifestyle changes. I'm giving thought to going back on it again, but the thing that holds me back is just how terrible I remember the stuff tasting. It was very, very, very difficult, gagging those horrible shakes down day after day.

But I do remember the weight loss, and I remember how quickly it went, how how pleased I was with the end results.

I guess I'll think about it some more. I could totally afford a 30-day supply of the stuff, just to try it out, but the bad memories of just how bad the stuff tasted really lingers in my mind. I don't know if I have the will power to stick to it for a month or more.

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