Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Weigh In - Internet Creeper Edition

Earlier in the week, I hoped against all hope that I'd once again be back at my 12/13/2010 low weight.  I was so tantalizingly close.

I didn't make it.  For some odd reason, my weight jumped up a pound and a half from yesterday, so I ended the week at 222.2 lbs.  Not as good as the hoped-for 220.4 lbs, but not so far off that I want to cry.

I didn't bother to measure my percentage of body fat.  I'll start doing that again when I cross the line into obesity.  Maybe I will reach that goal in the next couple of weeks?

It sure would be nice.

So this Friday's weigh-in is definitely the Internet Creeper Edition.  Remember the guy I told you about yesterday?  He texted me again to ask if I had any friends into what he was looking for.

I ignored him.

A few minutes later, I got another text.  He apologized and said he'd delete my number from his phone. He also said that it was fun chatting with me, and that I seemed like a "really cool" woman.

If I was so cool, why didn't he think my boundaries were worth respecting?

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