Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 78 - Keep Going

Today is the third day back on the Cambridge Diet after being off while my MIL was visiting. I imagine that my weight is dropping, but I've been avoiding the scale like the plague. I'm going to give things a couple of weeks before I dare step back on, only because I'm sure I've gained and I just don't want to know the damage.

I'd rather stick to the diet for a week or two, step on the scale and say, "nice, I'm the same weight I was before I went off!"

I know, I'm deluding myself, but what the hell.

I've learned, because I've taken several "diet vacations" along the way that I'm always in for a not-so-wonderful surprise on the third day back on Cambridge. It seems the third day is marked by repeated trips to the bathroom while my colon rebels against the change in diet.

Of course after I spend the day crapping my brains out, I feel much lighter.

So, onward day three!

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