Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 18 - Discouraged

Today is Day 18, and it seems like the scales have been stuck where they've been since Day 15. For the past two weeks, I've noticed a slow and steady drop on the scales every morning, but for the past three days, it's hardly budged.

Maybe it's because I started adding food back into my diet. The Cambridge USA folks say you shouldn't do the Fast Start (Sole Source in the UK) program for more than two weeks unless you are medically supervised.

Although I'm not opposed, at least in theory, to medical supervision, I'm trying to figure out how to pay for such supervision. I recently wrote to the Cambridge USA folks for their medical supervision guidelines, and they recommend the following tests:
  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Blood Lipid Profile
  • Serum Sodium
  • Serum Potassium
  • Creatinine
  • Uric Acid
  • SGOT
  • Serum T4 (only if clinical hypothyroidism is suspected)
  • Urinalysis for proteinuria
  • Pregnancy Tests
  • Electrocardiogram

Sounds great if you are rich. They also recommend that some doctors might want to repeat the electrocardiogram every 30 lbs lost.

And how much is this going to cost?

I have no idea. The worst thing about the US healthcare system is that costs are not predictable. When you go to the doctor, you know how much the visit will cost, but there's no way to find out what the lab work is going to cost, and how much insurance will cover, until after you get the bill.

It doesn't make sense. It seems that if you are agreeing to purchase something, you should be able to find out the price first and then make the determination as to whether or not you can afford it.

So I've got three choices:
  1. Suck it up, ruin our monthly budget (can you say hello credit cards?) and have all these expensive tests done.
  2. Disregard Cambridge's recommendations for medical supervision and do the Fast Start program for an extended period of time anyway.
  3. Use Cambridge's regular program, which means three shakes and some regular food, which promises a much slower weight loss.
I have no idea what I'm going to do. It's a damn shame that money doesn't grow on trees!

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Fatty Fatty Bobatty said...

Been on the "fast start" program for right at a month with no ill-effect. In fact, I've actually felt stronger as time has gone on.

Obviously this isn't medical advice, but it's been my experience thus far.