Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Daily Walk

Since the first of the year, The Wife and I have been attempting to walk every morning. We've been making the effort, but haven't made it every day because of a variety of reasons. The Wife caught a bad cold, and in combination with her asthma, she didn't feel well enough for walking. Then we had several days of pouring down rain. Since we live in an area that isn't all that rainy, nobody in the house owns a raincoat or umbrella, so wimped out in favor of staying dry.

The Kid has been pretty instrumental in foiling our plans for walking. In a nutshell, she Does Not Want To Walk. Several mornings, I've practically had to drag her out of bed, threatening to make her walk in her pajamas.

A few nights ago, she complained that she didn't think it was fair she had to walk, because she wasn't the one who was overweight. She quite thoroughly rubbed our parental noses in the fact that while we are both too fat, she's just fine, thank you very much.

So it gave me great pleasure when her pediatrician bawled her out and told her she needed to exercise more. Although the doctor agreed that The Kid was not overweight, she felt that The Kid was spending too much time in her room.

So now, The Kid has to go walk with us every morning. Doctor's orders.

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